Saturday, October 5, 2013

Republican Steve Lonegan Demolishes Democrat Cory Booker In New Jersey Senate Debate

Remember when Cory Booker was supposed to coast to a Senate seat and become the next Obama-in-waiting?

That no longer has a 100% chance of happening. Instead, Booker has been in a free fall. Pretending to be a Hollywood superhero...also known as not sitting well with even very liberal NJ voters.

Some of those lies include Booker's imaginary drug dealing friend named T-Bone, and a woman allegedly dying in his arms. It doesn't help either that Booker flirts on Twitter with a stripper, and has been an abject failure as mayor of Newark.

Steve Lonegan on the other hand is not a showboat. Being legally blind, he has had to scrape and claw his way up the ladder of success that lead him to being an effective businessman, mayor of Bogota, and state director of Americans For Prosperity. He is a fighter. A hardcore conservative even in one of the most liberal states in the country. Not only is he a conservative, he is also strong on libertarian issues, including civil liberties, foreign policy, the Federal Reserve, and the drug war. He is no Chris Christie. Yet he has the momentum. Endorsements from Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, and Rick Perry have helped get him national attention.

This afternoon the two debated for the first time. And Lonegan won. It wasn't even close.

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