Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rude Illegals Interrupt Rep. Steve King And Sen. Rand Paul From Eating

On Monday, as Congressman Steve King and Senator Rand Paul were taking a break from the campaign trail to grab some burgers.

Just as they were able to sit down, however, two illegal immigrants approached the pair and introduced themselves.

Realizing that they were about to get into a shouting match with King, who is known for being an immigration hardliner, Paul wisely left the situation.

The two illegals, primarily the woman, proceeded to engage in theatrics with King, who was having none of their melodramatic nonsense.

See the video of the confrontation for yourself:


  1. These illegals want it to be their way, REGARDLESS OF THE LAW.

  2. Rep Steve King knows exactly how the United States Constitution runs and Mr. King will continue to follow the Constitution for what it stands for. Illegal immigrants do not belong in this country unless they are here for one of two reasons, drug smuggling or to file asylum due to their country not treating them correctly.

  3. They had no respect for this man to eat his lunch in peace, why should they care if our laws don't appease them! Where's an IRS or Immigration agent when you need one?!?!

  4. Illegals need to be deported that's the law.

  5. I noticed Rand Paul got up and left and I think he should have stayed and I am proud that Rep Steve King stayed and talked to them


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