Thursday, January 1, 2015

FOX News Host Greg Gutfeld Suggests Ben Carson/Rand Paul Ticket For 2016

FOX News' Greg Gutfeld, host of RedEye and co-host of The Five, filled in for Bill O'Reilly shortly before the Christmas holiday and was able to land an interview with Dr. Ben Carson. Near the conclusion of the interview, the following conversation took place:

GG: See, I have a suggestion if you decide to run you should choose another doctor because you're an MD. You should make Rand Paul your Vice-President, so you have two doctors and your motto/slogan can be, "America: It''s a time to heal." You can have that. Gotta go doctor Ben.

BC: Hey, we can have that? Thanks!

This combination is not beyond the realm of possibility. Carson has already stated that he is a fan of Rand Paul:

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