Monday, April 6, 2015

Why Rand Paul supporters should create an account on

During the 2012 primaries, was notorious for banning Ron Paul supporters. So why should supporters of his son, Rand Paul, consider creating accounts on the popular conservative website?

Here's why:

1. You can comment on articles. No further explanation needed.

2. You can write your own articles. How? After you register, go to your dashboard. There you will be able to request a diary. When you write and publish your diary, you are essentially creating your own articles for RedState. Try to create a solid commenting history BEFORE you request a diary, that way you are more likely to get it approved.

How to not get banned:

Do not mention Rand Paul in every comment or diary. You will be outing yourself very quickly if you do that. Instead, try to bring a liberty-minded perspective to whatever the discussion you are participating in. Participate in a wide variety of discussions.

That isn't to say you should never mention Rand Paul. You should. And feel free to write a diary concerning Paul, but make sure he is not the subject of every diary.

When you do mention Rand Paul, try to do so in the context of other popular conservatives. Try to appeal to the sensibilities of standard conservatives. Think outside the box. Don't repeat talking points. Don't try to make the case for him in one diary.

Your mission, as a Rand Paul supporter, is to try and influence people to support your candidate. To do that, you have to use tact and nuance. You want to come across as one of them, not as the enemy. Controversy should not be your goal.

With all of this said, visit the following link to get started:

Good luck and see you there!

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