Sunday, April 21, 2013

Governor Paul LePage (R-Maine) confronts Agenda 21

Paul LePage, the governor of Maine elected in 2010, riding the wave of the Tea Party and being the beneficiary of a split liberal vote, is publicly opposing Agenda 21, the goals of which conflict with private property rights.

A short history on Agenda 21: It was developed in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environmentand Development in Rio de Janerio. The purpose is a call to action at the global, national, regional, and local levels of government to implement strategies that are environmentalist and village mentality in nature. Ultimately, it is dangerous to national sovereignty to all member nations and the citizens within.

The full details can be found on the U.N. website, HERE.

The official Republican party platform opposes Agenda 21, stating:
 "We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty."
Many states and localities have also adopted resolutions prohibiting Agenda 21 implementation. Unfortunately, "12 mega-cities, 100 super-cities and urban regions, 450 large cities as well as 450 medium-sized cities and towns in 84 countries." are members of an Agenda 21 sister organization, ICLEI.

In February, Maine State Representative Ricky Long of District 9 introduced LD 220An Act To Ban the United Nations Agenda 21 in Maine. However, the Democrat-controlled legislature killed the bill.

Governor LePage is commendably carrying on the fight. On April 20 he joined Dr. Michael Coffman to speak on the issue to over 200 people. LePage is taking a heavy political risk, especially considering he is facing reelection next year, but with his actions he is showing he cares more about principle than what liberal blogs will think of him.

                                     Dr. Coffman speaking on Agenda 21


  1. Who wrote this???? It is total insanity. And who will be the "king" of all this madness???

    1. Thank GOD for Governor LePage! He's an honest, forthright and caring indidivual for the State Of Maine. Too bad we don't have more like him. "Agenda 21" is a pre-cursor to a One-World Gov't system--read Glenn Beck's book "Agenda 21". Don't think it can happen here? Our freedoms are slowly being eroded...piece-by-piece. Wake up, Maine! One day you'll wish you'd LISTENED to Paul LePage!

    2. It is ashamed that we have "NO VOICE" in WASHINGTON,D.C. today from the STATE of Maine?? We have all these people from other parts off the United Sates that like to visit the State of Maine but have a hard time to leave our "Land Alone" here in The State of Maine!!" If you come and "Vacation" with us here in Maine leave your other States legislation back in the State that you came from cause "THE STATE of Maine is fine the way it is its people and its "Wilderness Territory " "Leave Maines Land and Forest alone and its people! "Restore Loring Airforce Base in Limestone Maine to benefit Maines People not another "Road" that will not benefit the people off "MAINE"!!

  2. yup
    don't care what folks say, he's as straight a shooter as we've seen in Blaine house.


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