Sunday, December 29, 2013

Which Extreme Organizations Does Brian Ellis "Like" On Facebook?

Businessman Brian Ellis is challenging Constitutional Conservative Justin Amash in Michigan's 3rd District Republican primary during the 2014 midterm election.

Those who follow Ellis's Facebook page already know his campaign is being run in a bizarre manner. His page serves as more of an aggregator of local news and family greetings than a grassroots outlet for his campaign.

As far as the issues go, Ellis has already made clear that he has little interest in addressing them. Speaking of Amash, Ellis stated: "He's got his explanations for why he's voted, but I don't really care."

While perusing through the nonsense on Ellis's page, this blogger found some enlightening information about Ellis by scrolling through the sites he "likes", which appears as a sidebar at the top of the page. Presumably, Ellis has liked these other pages because they tell his potential supporters more about himself.

Some of these likes are benign but strange nonetheless. Among these include "Eurasia Review", "Texas Association of Counties", "The Atlanta Voice", "Commonwealth Club of California", "CityTV16 of Santa Monica", "Arkansas Municipal League", and "Arkansas News Bureau."

These likes make you wonder which state Ellis is really running in.

Other likes, such as "American Jail Association", the anti-1st Amendment group "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" and the liberal hotbed "Talking Points Memo", make you wonder whose interests he wants to serve.

There is no doubt that once Ellis sees this article, he will swiftly remove the likes mentioned above as part of a damage control strategy. This doesn't matter, as the two likes which really matter have already been "screenshotted" for posterity.

The first is "Al Jazeera America", the state-run television network run by the royal family of Qatar. The royal family of Qatar funds the terrorist organizations Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The second is the "American Free Press", a pro-Jewish conspiracy publication founded by anti-Semitic figures such as Willis Carto.

Here are the screenshots:

Al Jazeera America:

American Free Press:

Will Brian Ellis drop out after these starting insights into his interests? Only time will tell, but these revelations will certainly hurt his chances with voters in November of 2014

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